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Japan Rail Pass

General Info

The Japan Rail Pass is a discount rail ticket for tourists, which allow unlimited rail travel on its JR Group Railway network. Japan Railways covers most of the places which many tourists want to visit, and it is convenient as well as economical. You are able to travel almost everywhere you like throughout Japan with this ticket. JR pass has several limitations which we mention below. Additionally, JR pass has no restrictions on date or seasons. You cannot buy JR pass in Japan. Please contact us to get a voucher. You can exchange the voucher for the actual rail pass at any Japan Rail Pass exchange office once you arrive in Japan. There are Japan Rail exchange offices at all major airports.


Qualifications to obtain JR pass
1. You are a foreign tourist (outside of Japan) who visit Japan with temporary visa for sight-seeing: temporary (90 days or less) visitor status.
2. You are Japanese national living in foreign country
a. who legally resides in another country.
b. who is married to a foreigner.
If you meet qualification under a or b, you must proof your status when you purchase an Exchange Order and have a JR pass.

You can choose your class: either a first-class (Green) or economy (Ordinary). Also fare for children between 6 and 11 are reduced.

Type Green-first class

Ordinary-economy class

Period Adult Child Adult Child
7 days 37,800 yen 18,900 yen 28,300 yen 14,150 yen
14 days 61,200 yen 30,600 yen 45,100 yen 22,500 yen
21 days 79,600 yen 39,800 yen 57,500 yen 28,850 yen


The JAPAN RAIL PASS is valid for the railways, buses, and ferry boats shown below.

1. Railways / All JR Group railways including bullet trains, Shinkansen.
However, JR pass has some limitations. You cannot take NOZOMI and Tokyo monorail with this pass. In addition, you cannot take any reserved seat.

2. Buses / Local lines of JR bus companies. However, JR pass has a limitation to take some JR highway buses.

3. Ferry / Only the JR Miyajima ferry is covered.


Valid Period
1. The valid period of a Japan Rail Pass is the consecutive 7, 14, or 21 days beginning on the first day which the JR pass is used.
2. You cannot change your date which you decide to start to use your JR pass once the date is printed on the pass.
3. You have to turn in your Exchange Order to have the JR pass in three months after your Exchange Order is issued.
4. You have to decide the specific date which you would like to start using your JR pass.
5. You can choose the date within one month after you receive the pass.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions and would like to make reservations.

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